Mulga Branch (2016)

$1950 USD
Western Australia is home to many beautiful birds. Among them is the Mulga Parrot (Psephotus varius). The name mulga comes from their vegetation type and their common name 'many-colored parrot' from the males' multi-coloured plumage. It was these colours that inspired me to paint this beautiful parrot. When I started studying the bird's plumage I was amazed at the variety and subtle changes blending from one hue to the other. I used a multi-layering technique in acrylic to enrich these colors. The average length for these parrots is 27 - 28 cm from beak to tip of tail. They are generally found in pairs in the drier central regions of Western Australia but also inhabit regions of New South Wales, Victoria and South Australia. They are growing less common in the wild but, due to the ease of breeding, they are common in captivity.

Mulga Branch

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