The Circus (2017)

$900 USD
The New Zealand kea is a well known sight in alpine environments in the South Island. It is mischievous and has an insatiable curiosity, particularly for items like vehicle windscreen wipers, tyres, aerials, food and shoelaces! While entertaining to watch, it can be a nuisance. This bird is declining and is classified as endangered in New Zealand. Human feeding develops a reliance on human food which isn't good for them: chocolate is actually poisonous. Meanwhile, human development has reduced the sources of natural food available and kea can die from ingesting lead found in roof flashings, nails and vehicle tyre weights and from introduced predators like stoats and possums. Ironically, many die from poisoning due to the controversial chemical 1080 which is used to eradicate their predators. This painting shows a group of kea, known as a Circus, having fun exploring a walker's backpack, which has been momentarily propped up against some rocks while the walker rests and admires the view. While the curious and destructive behaviour of the kea is entertaining, it is also detrimental, not only to the walker's lunch but also to its own existence.

The Circus

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