Breakfast of Champions (2016)

$3000 USD
The Loggerhead Shrike is a predatory passerine that hunts by day. Given the nickname 'butcherbird' for its carnivorous habits, it consumes primarily insects, but also is a fierce hunter of amphibians, lizards, small mammals, and small birds. The powerful, hooked beak of the Loggerhead Shrike allows it to sever the neck of a small vertebrate. Due to the shrike's small size and weak talons, larger prey is often impaled on sharp thorns, yucca leaves or barbed wire where it can then feed on the anchored prey more easily. The shrike may also store its food impaled on a spine and return to its catch at a later time to feed. Look for the unlucky Pallid-winged Grasshopper impaled on the Joshua Tree that is soon to provide the shrike with its early morning 'Breakfast of Champions.'

Breakfast of Champions

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