Home for Pygmy Nuthatch (2014)

Pygmy nuthatches are tiny, communal songbirds that flit from branch to branch with boundless happy energy. I've enjoyed hours watching them and listening to their cute 'rubber-ducky' calls. Pygmies breed in large extended-family groups and need mature pine forests to successfully nest. During cold winters here in the west, these little birds even roost together to stay warm, being the very social creatures that they are. I paint the relationships in nature - the space between the threads that weave together the remarkable tapestry of biodiversity. In this painting, I highlight the connection of mature forests to healthy populations of songbirds. Fluid, viable relationships bring into focus the connection of one life to another, and the intricate ways in which we impact our planet and are impacted by it. My vision is that people and nature can thrive together in balance and harmony. Pygmies, once common, face challenges today in places like Colorado, where I live, because of heavy land use alteration. Let's keep our mature pine forests flourishing to ensure that these adorable songbirds have a bright, beautiful future!

Home for Pygmy Nuthatch

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