The Beautiful Ones (2016)

$975 USD
Not a day goes by in Florida that I can't find a few American White Ibis to paint. It's magical to see large flocks of them with their bright feathers shining as they forage along the aqua waters. Unfortunately, there have been recent studies that suggest the American ibis populations may again be on the decline. Runoff of sulfates into the dyked, straightened and dredged Lake Okeechobee and the Caloosahatchee and St. Lucie rivers creates havoc in the environment. Sulfates, over time, become methylmercury, an endocrine disruptor and neurotoxin that affect the courtship instincts of the birds resulting in fewer hatchlings. Rivers and creeks are the circulatory system of the Everglades. They flush billions of gallons of toxic water per day, eventually polluting the fisheries and coral reefs. The good news is that Floridians are working together, trying to restore the natural flow of the Everglades. Will we every solve our water woes in Florida? Only time will tell.

The Beautiful Ones

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