Our Dearly Loved Australian Koala (2016)

Our dearly loved Australian koalas are in grave danger of vanishing over most of their range. Governments don't seem capable or willing to truly instigate healthy ecosystem management to prevent their rapidly escalating decline. The problems are many but all caused by humans - land clearance and fragmentation, disease, overcrowding in relict habitats, cars and roads, dogs, guns, mismanagement (or total lack of management). Some biologists have suggested the problem is simply too big and too hard for governments to deal with so they do what they nearly always do.....stick their bureaucratic fingers in their ears and rock back and forth while humming quietly to themselves and protecting their shiny little arses. Gorgeous and precious animals like this male koala from the Kennet River area of our southern coast are dying in bucket loads or being culled when suitable habitats are available in many other locations. Trouble seems to be nobody in government wants the responsibility. Time for normal people to take action to protect their own country and their own creatures? I hope so because I personally do not want to leave a biosphere destroyed by money and apathy for our children. I would much rather leave behind beautiful creatures in my art (this one is a charcoal engraving) to inspire people to go out and cherish what we still have left and to recreate a world of which we can be truly proud. And if you think I am being overly dramatic, have a look at the pics of this koala's formerly healthy forest and you decide if you need to stir your politicians to action.

Our Dearly Loved Australian Koala

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