You're Killing Me: Oceanic Assassins - Propellers and Plastic (2017)

Artist: Kathleen Sheard
Kiln Cast Glass with wood base
Sea Turtle Conservation
36.00 x 26.00 (inches)
I want to tell a story with my sea turtle conservation sculpture, even if it is a story that most people would like to not think about. Every sea turtle has consumed plastics. Hatchlings only months old have ingested micro plastics. People drive motor boats at excessive speed on the ocean and inner coastal waterways and do not see the sea turtle, manatee, whales, dolphins, that they maim or kill. I want my beautiful cast glass works to draw viewers in so that they become advocates for wildlife protection. I want children to ask questions, absorb the lessons, and take better care of our wildlife, our lands and our vast oceans. We can no longer be blind. We cannot simply 'not notice'. Part of the role of art in our lives is to wake us up, be it through beauty, or discomfort. We must become true stewards of our world, or the beautiful, complex world as we know it will disappear.
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