Adirondack Afternoon (2016)

Artist: Ray Easton
Oil on board
Common Loons
$6200 USD
24.00 x 48.00 (inches)
The sounds of the Common Loon are unparalleled in the mountainous lakes of upstate New York's Adirondack region. The mere presence of loons was always a pretty good indicator to me that the waters and environment were pristine, especially if they were nesting and breeding. There are, however, many factors that are threatening loon populations in these areas such as lake acidification, mercury poisoning, fishing line entanglement, shoreline development, and boating activity, to name just a few. Mankind has had a huge impact on the environment, so we must all be proactive in our efforts to protect and conserve our natural world so that there are pristine ecosystems for all wildlife to flourish.
15% of listed price
Nature Conservancy (International)
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