Mousing (2017)

Artist: Chris Maynard
Heritage turkey feather
Kestrel (small falcon) hunting for mice
$4300 USD
18.00 x 12.00 (inches)
Life is harsh. We are born to die. We kill creatures so we can live. We kill indirectly to have things and go places. As a child, I didn't think much about this. We ate sandwiches made from white flour and added vitamins and minerals. It was called Wonder Bread which came in a white plastic bag designed with lots of red, yellow, and blue circles. Their advertising slogan read, '…helps build strong bodies 12 ways.' The real killing, that is, the harvesting of wheat and everything that went into making the bread was already done by the time we 'hunted' for Wonder Bread in the grocery store. A hawk hunts mice directly in the field to build its strong bird body and feathers. A mouse gets eaten and reappears, reconstituted as a feather?
15% of listed price
Audubon Society
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