A Tree Needs a Bird (2017)

Artist: Ellen Woodbury
Belgium Black Marble and Sivec Marble on Carrara Marble and Granite
Clark's Nutcracker and Whitebark Pine Tree
$18000 USD
22.00 x 17.00 (inches)
I'd always thought about birds needing trees until I learned about the Clark's Nutcracker and the Whitebark Pine. Then I realized that trees need birds. The Whitebark Pine is the highest elevation pine tree in North America and grows at the treeline in western mountains. The Clark's Nutcracker is a year-round resident in that same ecosystem. The cones of the Whitebark Pine do not open as the seeds ripen and seeds are trapped inside. Fortunately, the seeds are a favorite food of the Clark's Nutcracker, who has the perfect beak for shredding cones and extracting seeds. Each nutcracker harvests thousands of seeds each year, which it buries in small caches in the loose mountain soil. Some seeds are never eaten, and the seeds grow into Whitebark Pine trees. Symbiosis--a cooperative relationship between two dissimilar organisms for the mutual benefit of both. Very cool!
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Artists For Conservation Foundation
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