Mobius Ferrets (2016)

Artist: Ellen Woodbury
Ozark Brown Marble and Mongolian Imperial Black Marble on Travertine and Walnut
Two Black-footed Ferrets chasing each other.
$16000 USD
17.00 x 18.00 (inches)
The idea of the Mobius Strip - the infinity symbol that doubles back on itself - collided with my experience watching young ferrets play. Their wiggly chasing seemed like it could go on forever. These ideas combined with my knowledge of the extinction and resurrection of the Black-footed Ferret and a sculptural idea was born. Ferrets live in old burrows in prairie dog colonies and eat mainly prairie dogs. Their range once covered much of the Great Plains in the US, Canada, and Mexico. Eradication of prairie dogs caused the profound crash of ferret populations. Ferrets were thought to be extinct in the 1970's. Then in 1981, a dog in Wyoming found a small population of ferrets. Biologists took 18 individuals and created a successful breeding program. There are now 300 ferrets living in prairie dog colonies on a small part of their ancestral grassland habitat. May we have ferrets forever!
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Artists For Conservation Foundation
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