On Top of the World in the Ogilvie Mountains (2015)

Artist: Kathy Haycock
Oil on panel
Yukon Landscape
$700 USD
12.00 x 24.00 (inches)
Along the 'Top of the World Highway' west of Dawson City you can look north across the Yukon River to the Tombstone Range in the Ogilvie Mountains. This is the southern edge of the Porcupine Caribou herd's range, where they migrate for the winter from their Beaufort Sea calving grounds. The Tombstone Mountains mark a watershed and the northernmost extent of the treeline, where the tundra begins. The dwarf shrubs, sedges, grasses, lichens and other plants become fantastically colourful in August and that is when I painted this landscape from a lookout in a gravel pit. Northern Canada is a vast area which is still relatively untouched in the care of Inuit and First Nations, though it continues to be exploited for its mineral wealth.
15% of listed price
Canadian Wildlife Federation
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