Ball Python Twins (2014)

Artist: Tony Mayo
Brazilian Soapstone, Carnelian, Moso Bamboo, Heavy Plate Mirror
Sculpture of Ball Python at rest
$2680 USD
4.75 x 18.00 (inches)
The Ball Python is not presently considered endangered, but their numbers in the wild are steadily declining due to habitat destruction and pet trade exploitation. Ball pythons are the most popular pet snake due to their beautiful coloration, docile personality and relatively small size. Typically, adult ball pythons will reach about one meter in length, and weigh approximately two kilograms. Ball pythons are also hunted for food and their beautiful skin is used for decoration, further contributing to their decline in the wild. Snake lovers should ensure that their pet ball python is captive- bred, rather than imported from their natural habitat in Africa where the young, hatched from wild eggs, are exported by the thousands. This sculpture is carved of Brazilian Soapstone quarried near Belo Horizonte. The eyes are hand-cut and polished carnelian from India. The base is constructed from heavy plate mirror and Moso Bamboo from Taiwan.
15% of listed price
Artists For Conservation Foundation
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