Free Falling (2016)

Artist: Mark Hobson
Acrylic on canvas
Pacific Octopus
$7500 USD
48.00 x 30.00 (inches)
As a biology student at the University of Victoria I took a course in scuba diving. On the first dive we encountered an octopus with a diameter of approximately 12 feet. We followed this amazing creature for about ten minutes, and even in 40 years of diving, I have never seen one as large since. After a spurt of movement the streamlined shape would transform into a huge umbrella and drift slowly downwards, followed by another burst of smooth energy until it disappeared into the distance. I have painted several works inspired by this experience but this is the first octopus positioned in free fall as seen from slightly below. The kelp forests and density of life forms that fill every nook and cranny of the sub-tidal sea floor were very time consuming to paint but were a wonderful indulgence… almost as exciting as a 10-day dive.
15% of listed price
Raincoast Conservation Society
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