Debt Collector (2013)

Artist: John Banovich
Oil on Belgian linen
Cape Buffalo
28.00 x 30.00 (inches)
The old adage that says 'an elephant never forgets' would be matched by 'a buffalo never forgives'. They have been known to attack people that have harmed them many years prior. There is nothing like the total disdain the cape buffalo has for you, clearly conveyed in his stare. Four times stronger than an ox, capable of killing lions, and weighing in at nearly a ton of wild dynamite, the cape buffalo kills more hunters in Africa than any other animal. They say he never forgets and in the words of famed author Robert Rurak, 'The cape buffalo looks at you as if you owe him money' and this is one 'Debt Collector' you never want to come face to face with!
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