Love Blooms (2016)

Artist: Carol Alleman
Wild Violet Plant
$2800 USD
8.50 x 4.75 (inches)
The wild violet stems flexibly bend, inviting us to notice the graceful beauty of flexibility as we too grow. Rising from their heart-shaped leaves, they dance a quiet, lovely ballet for us. Three ants are etched on the bottom of the vessel (hidden). Drawn to the oils in the seeds, ants literally farm the seeds underground, a process called myrmecochory. The shell is too hard for them to eat thus the seeds are both scattered and protected from birds and rodents, allowing them greater chance of germination. How often do we neglect to be grateful for the many 'invisible helpers' in our lives? They are ever present working on our behalf, while often invisible to us. With its 37 blooms it invites us to notice our invisible helpers, and the rich gifts of modesty and flexibility, within a blanket of love. Companion writings accompany my sculptures.
10% of listed price
Nature Conservancy (International)
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