Emma Bowring

AFC Conservation Artist of the Month for February, 2019

Emma Bowring has always had a love of getting up close to nature. She is fascinated with the detail of things, and where possible, how they feel. She is now combining that love for nature with her artwork to further the AFC mission of using art to further the conservation cause. “Animals are amazing, beautiful, living things; so for me, in a wildlife painting, the most important thing is that the animal has to have life. In my paintings, I want every animal to be seen as an individual, to allow the viewer to get a sense of its character and its soul; a portrait of that animal.”

Emma has been passionate about animals since childhood. She grew up in South London but was lucky enough to have a large garden with a wooded area at the end. She loved to spend time there searching for small creatures. She had a book on studying nature, which gave information about how to recognise animal foot prints, and dissecting an owl pellet to discover what the bird had eaten; which all fascinated her and which she studied time and time again. Before the age of ten, she moved to Sussex and now with several acres to explore, her real love of nature began. At the same time, David Attenborough's ‘Life on Earth' was broadcast, and her eyes were opened to the beauty of the natural world.

"The natural world is an amazing thing. From the humble bee and its role in pollination, to the fact that every time an African elephant takes a step, it creates a home for other animals; as its footprint fills with water. Every living thing has a purpose, it exists for a reason, has a role to play and contributes in some way to making the world a beautiful place ... unfortunately with one exception - modern man.

By painting wildlife and nature, it's as if I become a part of that beautiful world, and by contributing funds from each of my paintings to animal welfare and conservation charities, I hope to undo a little of the damage done by humanity."

From each of her original oil paintings, a donation is made to an animal welfare or conservation charity. She regularly likes to support charities such as Born Free Foundation, David Shepherd Wildlife Foundation, Boon Lott Elephant Sanctuary and Save the Elephants. She also works with charities on specific projects to raise funds. Visit Emma's AFC website for more information and to view her artwork:


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