Marti Millington

AFC Conservation Artist of the Month for January, 2012

Marti, like most of the members of AFC, makes frequent and substantial contributions to conservation causes either by direct financial support or the donation of artwork.

In Marti's case, for the Iowa Wetlands Project - Kirkwood Community College, of Cedar Rapids Iowa, she has been an annual participant in the Iowa Nature & Wildlife in Art Show. In March 2009, 20% of sales made at the annual show were donated to the Stephen J. Atherton Memorial Wetlands - a 440 acre wetland protection and enhancement project of Kirkwood Community College.

Other examples of her contributions include:

  • Artists for Conservation – 10% of the proceeds of her painting, “Monarch of the Plains” will be donated to AFC.
  • American Wild Horse Preservation Campaign – 100% of the proceeds of her painting, “Don’t Take My Home”, depicting a wild mustang, will be donated to this organization.
  • Vital Ground Foundation – 20% of the proceeds of her painting, “Attitude” depicting a brown bear (grizzly) will be donated to this organization.
  • Glen Oak Zoo, Peoria, Illinois - created a painting "East of the Zambezi" for a poster which the Zoo used for fundraising purposes for its AFRICA! campaign - a twenty-five million dollar expansion project which includes new exhibits and special adult and children's conservation and habitat protection educational programs.
  • Wildlife Prairie State Park - Art in the Park - Hanna City, Illinois - 20% of proceeds from sales donated to assist the park with expenses and educational programs.  Additionally, Marti holds a park membership and is a “Prairie Parent” of the Park’s River Otters; her annual donation helps to pay for their dietary needs.
  • National Wildlife Federation - monetary donations in support of special projects. 
  • Audubon Society - monetary donations in support of special projects. 
  • Big Cat Rescue - 10% of proceeds of the sale of her painting, "Face to Face", depicting a Siberian Tiger, will be donated to Big Cat Rescue. 
  • National Parks Conservation Association (USA) - 10% of proceeds of sale of painting, "Into the Light", depicting an Elk, will be donated to this organization. 
  • Illinois Smallmouth Alliance - framed canvas print of "Backwater Mallards" was donated to Illinois Smallmouth Alliance for their "Bronzeback Blowout" annual fundraiser held on March 6, 2010, to further their mission of enhancing the available habitat for smallmouth bass through cleanups, habitat restorations, and by working with other environmental groups to address pollution and other issues that impact our waterways.

Marti studied commercial art and data processing in college, but painting nature and wildlife is her passion. She attended wildlife art seminars in Jackson, Wyoming with instructors, Terry Isaac and Rod Frederick, and in Bozeman, Montana with instructors, John Seerey-Lester and the late Paco Young to gain increased knowledge and skills as a wildlife artist. Marti loves to travel as much as she loves art and nature and travels frequently throughout the United States to do field work and gather reference material.

“I am very blessed by my Creator to be able to do what I love to do every day. I am thankful for the gift of creativity and love of the natural world that He has given me. Lately, it seems like each day brings a new attack on the wild creatures or our wild lands. I truly believe there is still time to change things and correct mistakes of the past. Through donations of my art and/or a portion of my sales, donations to other conservation organizations and other supportive activities, I want to be a  voice for the conservation of our natural world and preservation of all God's creatures."

View Marti Millington's artwork.

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