Guy Combes

AFC Conservation Artist of the Month for November, 2011

It is exactly seven years ago that AFC celebrated the contribution that Simon Combes (Guy's father) made to the conservation cause in Kenya by recognizing him on our website as the featured conservation artist of the month. Soon after that Simon lost his life to an attack by an injured buffalo near his home in Soysambu.

Following in the footsteps of his father, Guy is not only a highly accomplished artist but also an active participant and ardent supporter of our natural heritage.

With this general background and the specifics of his actions described below the AFC is not only pleased to celebrate Guy as this month's featured conservation artist but he has also agreed to take on the role of "Special Advisor, Conservation Programs". As such AFC will be building on Guy's lifetime work of drawing attention to conservation issues and raising funds and awareness for the preservation of the natural world.

" I am very excited by this new role in support of AFC's mission and, at the inaugural AFC Festival this year in Vancouver, to be given the opportunity to talk about my recent activity campaigning for a number of causes in East Africa, and to showcase my recent original of 'The Phantom' who's existence, as expected, is already raising funds and awareness for cheetah conservation.  Primarily, I continue to be the US Development Director and spokesperson for Soysambu Conservancy, and have recently moved to California where I will endeavour to visit universities and raise awareness and funds wherever possible for this precious part of the Rift Valley."

Guy is also the founder of the Stop The Serengeti Highway campaign which is having a major impact on plans to build a new highway across the home of so many amazing creatures- the Serengeti. Additionally Guy is a fundraiser and supporter of Action for Cheetahs in Kenya, Project Survival, Rhino Ark, Save the Rhino, Animal Ark and many more in East Africa.

Guy's art background came not just from his father, but an interest in exploring different forms of media and commercial application. His education included sculpture and design at college in England where he also majored in history of art. He returned to Kenya in 2001 and quickly rekindled his love for Africa and her wildlife, becoming involved in a number of conservation causes for which he now tirelessly campaigns, including Soysambu Conservancy - his Kenyan home - and preserving the rich mosaic of biodiversity in the Great Rift Valley.

Guy has been Artist in Residence at the Hiram Blauvelt Art Museum since 2006 and this has given him the opportunity to reach an American audience, not just with his art, but his experience of Africa. He is a signature member of both Artists for Conservation and the Society of Animal Artists, from whom his work has been both awarded and accepted into national museum shows and tours. He regularly revisits Kenya where he leads expeditions for artists and groups of conservation biology students from the US. He has also regularly lectured at zoos and universities on the East Coast including Yale and George Mason, with whom he has set up research programs at a facility he helped develop at Soysambu Conservancy.

This is where he has found his niche, and the future for Guy will involve his time being spent working on artistic projects that bring awareness to international audiences, and developing his own field knowledge on the ground in Kenya in order to inform himself and the people he is so passionate about showing it to.

Visit Guy Combes AFC site.

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