David Lowther

AFC Conservation Artist of the Month for October, 2011

David has been fascinated by wildlife from an early age and first became aware of conservation issues through frequent visits to the local Wildfowl and Wetlands Trust (WWT) centre. His support for conservation has, to the present, largely been confined to membership of, and regular financial contributions to, organisations such as The Royal Society for the Protection of Birds (RSPB) and WWT. He is a registered volunteer at the latter. Over the past two years his artwork has become increasingly focused upon conservation efforts to safeguard the habitat and populations of the fifteen species of crane. In particular, the efforts to protect the tiny population of wild Eurasian Crane in Norfolk, and the work of the RSPB and WWT to reintroduce this magnificent bird to new territories across England. He has followed the success of the Great Crane Project (GCP) with avid interest and was recently commissioned by the GCP to produce artwork of the Eurasian Crane for use as an educational poster for use in schools in the UK. In March, 2011, David travelled to the International Crane Foundation (ICF) in Wisconsin as Artist in Residence, supported by a bursary given by the Society of Wildlife Artists. He spent two weeks at ICF to study cranes, their behaviour, and the challenges facing those who work to safeguard the birds' continued existence while also making detailed studies of the cranes and learning more about the programs run by the ICF and its partners across the world.

David was born and lives in the North-East of England. Currently studying for a BA in History at Newcastle University, He is a 24 year-old, self-taught artist who spend most of his spare time in the field with a charcoal and a sketchbook. "The bulk of my artwork is executed in pastels on watercolour paper or board, a combination which allows for a high degree of detail and clarity. In all my work I strive to emphasise the beauty and character of the subject through careful use of colour and composition, frequently setting the subject against a plain background to focus the observer’s full attention upon the animal. I began exhibiting my artwork in 2009 and have been included in exhibitions at the Slimbridge gallery, the National Exhibition of Wildlife Art, and was selected to exhibit at Birds in Art 2010. In addition, my work has been hung in several commercial galleries in the UK."

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