Daniela Hartl-Heisan

AFC Conservation Artist of the Month for December, 2011

Conservation and the protection of animals have played a major role in Daniela´s life, since early childhood. "As a child I started to grow trees in pots on my windowsill and begged schoolmates to sign petitions against cruelty to animals. I still grow my trees and sign petitions and today I'm also in the lucky situation to support the conservation of wildlife and nature through my work as an artist. Highly valuable to humans, both wildlife and nature more broadly need all the support and help they can get. "
As a result of that interest she has taken a number of initiatives including starting up the Owlstudio Wolf Project in 2003. The project supports the international organisation CANIS and a research project for wolves in and around the Banff National Park in the Canadian Rocky Mountains. Read more about the Owlstudio Wolf Donation project at the following website: . With the purchase of original artwork and wolf articles, especially designed for the project, in her online store those interested can help and support her project.

Daniela is also member of the AG Eulenschutz (Consortium for the protection of owls) In this regard she was featured artist in the excellent British Wildscape Magazine, December 2007, Vol.7 No.4 issue. The magazine promotes wildlife art and conservation. Daniela and her wildlife art were featured in an three page article under the title 'Why Owls? The World of Daniela Hartl-Heisan, Graphic Designer and Fine Artist'. Please feel free to read the full article by following this link: .

Daniela regularly donates part of her income out of artwork to local and regional conservation organizations, as well as to large international funds like the WWF, the IFAW and Greenpeace.

Born 1975 in Vienna, Austria and with three years of education in economics plus four years of education in graphic-design she has spent several years gaining experience in the paper, jewellery and publishing fields.

Visit Daniela's AFC site.

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