Caroline Bochud

AFC Conservation Artist of the Month for August, 2009

Caroline has used her time and talent to raise funds and awareness for the causes that matter most to her. Some of these causes include the Canadian Parks and Wilderness Society, Wildlife Habitat Canada and Ducks Unlimited Canada.
She also is a hands-on participant in various conservation initiatives such as:

 supporting and contributing to the opening of an insectarium in Quebec city.
Contributing to a Mural Mosaic Project (2006)  A special fund raising mural mosaic in support of the charitable organizations including : Youth Environmental Education and Preservation of Wildlife (CPAWS). Her painting ( one of over 216 panels) was selected to be posted on the CPAWS promotional newsletter (distributed in Vancouver, Calgary, Edmonton and Ottawa)  - Panel #198 Woodland Caribou
teaching tropical ecology and interpreting nature conservation during an exchange program from AFS Interculture Canada.
6 months internship program of volunteer work as a naturalist guide at Gamboa rainforest resort, in Panama.
worked at the Granby zoo (Quebec) as a naturalist-guide and,
worked at the Miguasha park (Quebec fossil park) as a guide




Caroline was born near Quebec City, Canada in 1980. Since the age of 5 years old, she has been drawing a lot as an hobby. She discovered most of the techniques of wildlife drawing and painting by herself. She primarily works with acrylic, ink and gouache and digital medium but started her art through detailed pencil drawings; these sketches still form the backdrop for all of her paintings. Her constant goal as a young artist is to meticulously communicate the beauty of all aspects of nature with a great sensibility and authenticity. She works toward representing the best she can the expression of the subject to immediately attract the viewer's attention and emotion. Her initial field of study is science. She got her biology degree in 2002. Through years of studies, she always enjoyed the pictures or visual parts related to communication of science. She discover the importance to bridge science and art in a way to melt her two passions and to tell the story of science with elegant artwork. That's why she prefers to undertake nature artwork and scientific illustrations. She studied different areas of illustration at the University Laval visual art faculty in Quebec city. She created a program to fulfill her training needs and to allow her to specialize in the desired artistic field.


She exhibits in several libraries around the region of Quebec, notably with the Institut Canadien de Qu

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