Anne Peyton

AFC Conservation Artist of the Month for February, 2008

There are two criteria for a painting that Anne Peyton places in each of her finished pieces: One is that the final image shows respect for the subject; the second is that viewers can learn something after studying the art. They are two principles that the artist has carried over to her new career as a wildlife artist, concentrating on birds and avian art. Anne dedicates several hours each month to volunteering at Liberty Wildlife, a Scottsdale-based rehabilitation and education organization that treats injured animals. Sometimes a bird cannot be released back into the wild. Zoos claim some while others become avian ambassadors for their species at Liberty's public presentations. Anne's specialty is assisting hawks, owls and falcons to become accustomed to people in educational and group settings. Anne's work with Liberty Wildlife was featured in a recent issue of Wildlife Art magazine. She spends at least 20 hours each week working with Liberty's education raptors

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