Rachelle Siegrist

AFC Conservation Artist of the Month for January, 2007

Many of AFC members follow the tradition of contributing to the organizations that support wildlife and their habitats. These contributions have helped the organizations raise thousands of dollars for their causes. Wes and his wife Rachelle are shinning examples of this generosity and are to be congratulated for this. We are pleased to recognize Wes as our December AFC Conservation Artist Award recipient and Rachelle as the recipient for January, 2007. They both regularly donate original artwork, reproductions and money to various wildlife rehabilitation centers, shelters and zoos including: -Florida'a Endangered Wildlife, Inc. (2FEW)-International Crane Foundation-National Parks Conservation Association-The Nature Conservancy-Sawgrass Nature Center-Arnold's Wildlife Rehabilition Center-The Brevard Zoo-The Little River Watershed Association-Howell Conference and Nature Center-The Little River Chapter of Trout Unlimited-The National Audubon Society / Corkscrew Swamp Sanctuary -Hawk Creek Wildlife Rehabilitation Center-The Grizzly & Wolf Discovery Center-The Appalacian Bear Center-The Monofilament Recovery & Recycling Program -The National Wildlife Federation-The Natural Resources Defense Sierra Club
In addition many thousands of dollars have been raised for conservation causes by partisipation in two of ther annual exhibitions, The NatureWorks Art Show and Sale and The Easton Waterfowl Festival. Both use the majority of paid sales commissions to purchase critical wildlife habitat, sponsor related programs and continue the appreciation of wildlife art. 
Wes & Rachelle Siegrist capture their viewers' interest not with monumental canvases but with tiny images often mistaken for photographs. Miniature art has been in existence for centuries and the current revival in their popularity has given the Artists international recognition among collectors and miniature art societies. Their tiny treasures, as collectors often refer to them, typically measure less than 9 square inches and amazingly appear even more detailed when viewed under magnification! The Artists regularly exhibit in major wildlife expositions and shows in the United States and currently participate in numerous miniature art exhibitions internationally. They have exhibited their miniatures in Birds in Art, Arts for the Parks, Art of the Animal Kingdom, the Society of Animal Artists Annual Exhibitions and numerous museum exhibitions. They reside in Townsend, Tennessee beside the Great Smoky Mountains National Park.

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