Paul Apps

AFC Conservation Artist of the Month for May, 2007

International Wildlife Artist Paul Apps has painted wildlfe images for many years. Since turning Professional in 1987 Pauls' reputation as a wildlife Artist of distinction has soared along with that of a conservationist.
Through Paul's deep desire to be able to paint and do total justice to the world's wildlife and Africa's in particular, his heart and eyes have been opened to its fragile existence with man. Through his work Paul intend to do as much as he is able to correct the increasing imbalance. A portion of all his sales go into wildlife projects, financing some of the many needs of the Charities projects he is currently supporting. "Over the remainder of my life I hope in my own way to be able to make a difference. ""As a wildlife artist my office is the very habitat where my subjects live. It is the place where I derive all my inspiration. I have a personal interest in protecting them for the future. I have dedicated my life to being able to paint and capture wildlife in its truest most splendid form. I get a tremendous buzz from seeing them in their wild state, then having the great privilege of representing them on canvas. I see it as a life long pursuit in my remaining years to do all that I can to preserve both the wildlife and the places they call home.
For many years Paul has supported many different causes and had many lasting relationships with conservation groups such as Tuskforce, (sadly no longer), Born Free Foundation, Rainforest Foundation, David Shepherd Wildlife Foundation and others. He has donated many fine art prints and originals to aid their causes, and added his name in support. As a result he has been able to generate many thousands of pounds for wildlife projects around the world. Paul has, for a long time, wanted to create an environment where he is able to generate much needed funds in very much the same way, but with one little difference. This variation would mean that instead of just donating, he would, via the AFC be able to raise money through sales and would then be able to support wildlife projects that he chooses and would see where the money goes, knowing that it is working hard. "My ultimate aim would be to set up a wildlife foundation of my own, with a base of collectors and interested persons around the world, supporting my aims and assisting my efforts, creating the monies needed to be injected into the support of ongoing projects. This is a future project and goal, as yet it does not exist, although what I have described above is the first step to achieving that ultimate goal."Paul's wildlife art concentrates on paintings from Africa, Asia and the UK. Apart from paintings of predators from around the world, Paul loves nothing more than creating work involving Africa with its vast array of wildlife to choose from.

Pauls' Wildlife Art images evoke in the viewer a sense of beautiful light and atmosphere that surrounds each animal he paints. Pauls' other work includes Figurative nudes Portraits and Equestrian paintings. He also paints Plein air images that are completed away from the studio.

Paul is now gaining a reputation with his wife Catherine as a Wildlife Photographer. Adding images as a wildlife photographer to his work further enhances what he can offer his collectors world-wide. Life as a Wildlife Artist and a Wildlife Photographer for Paul is an all consuming passion, eclipsed only by the need to create.

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