AFC Conservation Artist of the Month for July, 2007

With a passion driven towards the protection and sustainability of animals, Laney has put much time and energy into the study of animals that inhabit her own environment. Her main focus is on the bighorn sheep of the Wind River Mountains and surrounding area which are in danger of a swift decline in population. She believes that "by generating understanding and respect, a wildlife artist is in a position to make a difference in the fate of animals and birds."
Foccusing more recently on her art as a communications tool, in the past Laney has played a leadership role in the conservation area including:
Regional Representative for Sierra Club, (Wyoming, Montana, North and South Dakota and Nebraska). from 1971-1977. The main issues were coal strip mining, electric power plants, air pollution, water use (allocation, quality and legal issues), wilderness, wildlife management and range management. From 1974-75 she was a member of the Bureau of Land Management State Advisory Board; from 1978-81she co-chaired the Wyoming Agriculture-Environment Committee and was Co-chair, Sheep Producer-Environmentalist Committee.
 There is an obvious beauty in Northwestern Wyoming, but few artists can capture its true splendor, the essence of the land and wildlife within. Living off of the beaten path near the Wind River Mountains, in Crowheart, Wyoming, Laney is one of those few wildlife artists that does. She is a native of the mountain states, environmentalist, conservationist, photographer, but above all an award-winning wildlife painter.Laney has rare devotion to animals that has been rooted since her childhood and has carried on through her years of education and practice in the fine wildlife art field. Born in Colorado, Laney earned a B.F.A from the University of Denver and began her career in fine art as an illustrator for National Science Foundation biology textbooks. The careful research and study of animal anatomy is one of the traits that she prides herself on and this knowledge of science is clearly portrayed in her paintings.Laney's evolution into a well-known wildlife artist has been established through a layered and admirable background. Her artworks have been in regional, national and international exhibitions, the permanent collections of many museums and she has been recognized in various books and other national publications.

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