Bevan Badcott

AFC Conservation Artist of the Month for September, 2007

Bevan is the Honorary Chairman of the Southern Tablelands branch of WIRES (New South Wales Wildlife Information Rescue and Education Service Inc), and is actively involved in the rescue, rehabilitation and release of any native animals, birds and reptiles.
He is deeply concerned with the exploitation of native wildlife such as the Grey and Red Kangaroo, which are slaughtered in their millions each year for the meat and leather industries. He is a member of the Wildlife Protection Association of Australia Inc. "I am so disturbed by the commercial destruction and exploitation of Australian wildlife as well as the loss of habitat both here and worldwide. My vision is one in which my art can inspire others to consider the uniqueness of Australian fauna in such a way that the true value of its existence can be appreciated."
Bevan's 100 acre bush property is also a wildlife refuge called "Kanganga" and is located near a National Park. Many young marsupials such as Eastern Grey Kangaroos and Wombats continue to be successfully rehabilitated and released there. "With increasing volumes of traffic, road kill is inevitable" he says "But with the unique method that marsupial females carry their young (Joeys) in a pouch, often the juveniles can be saved. Unfortunately many people do not stop to check the pouches and this can mean a slow death from starvation or exposure for the young animal". When not drawing Bevan is often called upon to speak to groups regarding both his art work and WIRES. "I particularly enjoy speaking to young people regarding reptiles. I find that most children have a fascination with snakes and lizards without the inherent fear that seems to come in older age".
In 1971 Bevan emigrated from the UK to Australia where he was immediately awestruck by the range of unique and diverse flora and fauna to be found on that continent. Since that time he has painted and drawn Australian wildlife almost exclusively. His work is part of collections both in Australia and overseas.
He uses a wide range of media including graphite, pastel, watercolour and gouache, and has also rendered images on fine crystal using the intaglio method of hand engraving.Bevan works from his Studio, where he lives with his wife in the Southern Tablelands of New South Wales Australia.
Bevan is currently working on a book chronicling those animals which come into care from the pouches of their dead Mothers killed by road trauma or shooting.


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