Susan Fox on Her Fifth Trip to Mongolia

Susan Fox on Her Fifth Trip to Mongolia

Susan Fox went back to Mongolia for six weeks in July and August. She spent the first two weeks rough camping in the Gobi and Hangai Mountains, visiting a remote Gobi lake, Orog Nuur, known for its birds, some beautiful monasteries, a famous waterfall and the site of the ancient Mongol capital, Kharkhorin. She traveled with the same guide as she had last year, plus a cook, so the party of three could stop and camp anywhere they wished.

The following week, she spent time at Hustai National Park viewing and taking many photos of takhi (Przewalski's horse).

Susan also returned to two of the three places that she visited during her Flag Expedition. Her first stop on the camping trip was Baga Gazriin Chuluu, where she found that all the argali and ibex had left the reserve during the extremely hard winter, although, on her last day there, the ranger said that a group of ten had been sighted at the northern edge. She hopes to be able to follow up and find out what the status of the animals is.

Her last stop was for a week at Ikh Nartiin Chuluu, where she stayed at the research camp and got to meet a number of the scientists doing work there. A camera trap had been set up at the only available water source in the reserve on an experimental basis and Susan got to see some of the first footage captured of argali coming to drink. She also got to see raw camera trap footage of cinereous vulture adults and fledglings on their nests.

One of the highlights of the stay at Ikh Nart was getting to see the Ikh Nart Is Our Future director, Boloroo, again, along with some of the other ladies. Susan found out that the collective grew in one year from 14 members to 30 and that it now has its office in a small building in the soum center, Dalanjargland. She will continue to support the collective by raising money for more felt presses and additional training in felt crafts.

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