Nicholls to Give Explorers Club Seminar

Alison Nicholls to Give Explorers Club Seminar

Alison Nicholls has been invited to give a Members Seminar, titled "Expedition Journals and Sketchbooks", at the Explorers Club in New York City. The seminar will examine how a journal is invaluable in recording the details and findings of an expedition.

The seminar is not aimed purely at artists and will cover the planning, creation and effective use of any type of journal or sketchbook. Alison will discuss how a good working knowledge of materials and a clear understanding of potential field conditions are required to create a successful journal. Advance planning, tailoring entries to expedition objectives and knowing what to include, or exclude, all make the journal indispensable during the expedition. However, the true value of a well-planned journal becomes obvious in the post-expedition phase, when not only does it provide vivid, personal reminders of your expedition, but it can also be used as a highly effective publicity tool.

Alison will be using her AFC Flag Expedition Journal and personal sketchbooks to illustrate the seminar.   

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