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The conservation news section provides the latest news from various sources on conservation, environmental science and wildlife. AFC aims to raise interest in current issues to raise awareness and promote the support of conservation.

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2018/01/22 - The Supreme Court ruled that the police were entitled to arrest partygoers in a vacant house and will hear the case of the dusky gopher frog.
2018/01/22 - The Supreme Court ruled that the police were entitled to arrest partygoers in a vacant house and will hear the case of the dusky gopher frog.
2018/01/16 - Scientists have identified traits that may have been related to dinosaurs like stegosaurus and ankylosaurus and other animals developing fearsome rear-end weapons.
2018/01/12 - Over decades, armed conflict has reduced animal populations in Africa more than any other factor, according to new research.
2018/01/11 - How one project is rekindling interest in mangroves in the Maldives Learn more:  Mangroves for the future (MFF) Location:  Asia Maldives
2017/12/29 - In a new book, “Inheritors of the Earth,” Chris Thomas argues that animals and plants are adapting to the world we are creating. We need not worry.
2017/12/29 - Scientists called off an effort to save one of the world’s rarest marine mammals — the vaquita — when one died after being captured for rehabilitation.
2017/12/27 - Had the asteroid that doomed dinosaurs crashed nearly anywhere other than the coast of Mexico, they might not have gone extinct, researchers say.
2017/12/27 - Three books examine our fascination with the ancient pachyderms and their extinction.
2017/12/20 - The first mammals active during both day and night emerged 65.8 million years ago, a study found, just 200,000 years after the event that made dinosaurs go extinct.
2017/12/20 - A pair of chimpanzees saved from an animal trafficking operation in Nepal are in limbo while officials spar over whether to send them back to Nigeria.
2017/12/18 - The slender, delicate stream flows through the Mojave, giving life to plants and animals found nowhere else in the world.
2017/12/18 - The male bears have become more adventurous, which could improve genetic diversity in long-isolated populations.
2017/12/12 - The scientists who identified the Tapanuli orangutan said there are only about 800 left, making them the most endangered of all great ape species.
2017/12/12 - Scientists have discovered a fossilized penguin as big as a human, and with a long, spearlike beak.
2017/12/05 - When a wildfire swept through Arizona, all but 35 rare red squirrels disappeared. After California’s fires and Hurricanes Harvey, Maria and Irma, so did other near-extinct animals.
2017/12/05 - The concentration of Sumatran tigers in Indonesia’s protected forests has gone up, a researcher says, but probably because they are fleeing deforestation elsewhere.
2017/12/04 - In this lesson, students learn about how human activity threatens the Earth’s biodiversity, and then they research possible solutions.
2017/12/04 - In some African nations, trophy hunting has provided funds needed to preserve endangered species. In other countries, the business has decimated animal populations.
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