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2018/12/12 - There have been calls for biodiversity and ecosystem assessments to count non-native species as well as their native counterparts as positively contributing to biological diversity. Daniel Simberloff, Gore Hunger Professor of Environmental Studies at the University of Tennessee and member of the Invasive Species Specialist Group of IUCN’s Species Survival Commission, explains why this approach is misguided and would hinder our ability to achieve international...
2018/12/07 - In some ways, the planet's worst mass extinction — 250 million years ago, at the end of the Permian Period — may parallel climate change today.
2018/12/04 - The beetles are New England’s most endangered species. Now scientists have begun an unlikely effort to return them to the banks of the Connecticut River.
2018/11/27 - Will the growing interest in traditional Chinese medicine — at home and abroad — doom some of the world’s rarest species?
2018/11/27 - The justices unanimously ruled that an appeals court must take a fresh look at the government’s efforts to protect the endangered species.
2018/11/19 - Mountain gorillas are faring better — perhaps because some humans just won’t listen to reason.
2018/11/17 - A bucolic corner of Hong Kong attracts bird-watchers and bicyclists eager to escape the crowds. But the area is increasingly attractive to developers.
2018/11/12 - The Scottish wildcat, the last native cat in the United Kingdom, is endangered; fewer than 100 purebred specimens remain in the wild.
2018/11/05 - The newly identified extinct primate weighed slightly less than an average house cat.
2018/11/02 - Photo: IUCN protected planet Discover the World's Protected Areas   Photo: IUCN WCPA Best Practice Guidelines Global Guidelines for protected area practitioners   Photo: IUCN Parks Journal The International Journal of Protected Areas and Conservation
2018/11/02 - Photo: IUCN Promise of Sydney Vision - Innoivative Approaches - Commitments - Solutions for protected areas in the next decade   Photo: IUCN WCPA Best Practice Guidelines Global guidelines to protected area practitioners.    Photo: IUCN PARKS The International Journal of Protected Areas and Conservation an online, open-access and peer reviewed journal
2018/10/31 - I will give this sum over the next decade to help accelerate land and ocean conservation around the world.
2018/10/25 - After Hurricane Walaka swept through the central Pacific this month, a sandy 11-acre island mostly disappeared into ocean water.
2018/10/25 - Are there many subspecies of tiger, or only two? A correct accounting is the only way to preserve what is left of the animal’s genetic diversity, some scientists say.
2018/10/23 - Work area:  Water Location:  Global
2018/10/18 - For ages, they have been symbols in human culture — of fertility, gastronomy and now the alt-right movement. But these noble amphibians are declining in numbers.
2018/10/17 - An expedition in the Gulf of California yielded photographs and video of a species nearing extinction.
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