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The conservation news section provides the latest news from various sources on conservation, environmental science and wildlife. AFC aims to raise interest in current issues to raise awareness and promote the support of conservation.

2014/07/29 - A species with feathers was discovered in Russia. It is the first find of a feathered dinosaur not of the theropod suborder.
2014/07/29 - With poachers responsible for more than half of ranger deaths over the past two years, IUCN, the International Union for Conservation of Nature, and the International Ranger Federation (IRF) call for a toughened stance against wildlife crime globally, marking World Ranger Day celebrated across the globe on 31 July.
2014/07/27 - Madagascar, one of the world’s greatest ecosystems, is on the edge.
2014/07/27 - A number of divers die each year in the pursuit of abalone, coveted for its shell and meat, while the California Department of Fish and Wildlife does its best to protect the species from illegal activity.
2014/07/25 - Logging trees to save them. Deer wars. Beavers VS old-growth forest. Welcome to conservation in the Anthropocene. Our provocative five-part series looks at some of the complicated issues facing the eastern forest.
2014/07/22 - A wildlife reserve is weighing a plan to move some rhinos out, aiming to protect them from poachers by spreading the risk to other game reserves.
2014/07/21 - The Open-Ended Working Group also discussed alternatives to ozone-depleting substances in various sectors, current and future demand for those alternatives, their economic costs and implications, as well as the environmental benefits of avoiding alternatives to ODSs with high-global warming potential...
2014/07/20 - The greater sage grouse might be declared an endangered species, restricting development of its habitat, leading the energy industry and the government to try to save the bird.
2014/07/16 - The microraptor was four feet long and weighed about nine pounds — by far the largest such dinosaur that lived about 125 million years ago.
2014/07/15 - The entry into force of the Nagoya Protocol will provide greater legal certainty and transparency for both providers and users of genetic resources, creating a framework that promotes the use of genetic resources and associated traditional knowledge while strengthening the opportunities for fair and equitable sharing of benefits from their use...
2014/07/15 - Experts and policy-makers meet to share key findings from Ugandan and Indian national planning and food security study...
2014/07/11 - With many MDG targets met and aid monies hitting record highs, other lagging targets need final push to seize on results and available solutions...
2014/07/10 - Brazilian Government Joins UNEP in Projects Ranging from Supporting Sustainable Tourism to Fostering Organic Agriculture...
2014/07/09 - A new study says amphibians can acquire defenses against a killer that has made many species extinct, and that one day a vaccine could be developed.
2014/07/08 - Letters to the editor and online comments.
2014/07/08 - A new fossil of a well-known early bird could help shed light on the evolution of feathers, researchers say.
2014/07/07 - Green Fins Initiative protects coral reefs and drives tourism...
2014/07/04 - Two readers whose work involves animals offer opposing views of African trophy hunters.
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