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The conservation news section provides the latest news from various sources on conservation, environmental science and wildlife. AFC aims to raise interest in current issues to raise awareness and promote the support of conservation.

2014/09/01 - A quarter of the world's countries are now pursuing green economy plans Three new reports to support governments in building greener and more inclusive economies unveiled at the Green Economy Coalition annual meeting
2014/09/01 - A response to an Op-Ed article, “Conservation, or Curation?”
2014/08/31 - Has the passing of the passenger pigeon taught us anything?
2014/08/30 - Welcome to an ecosystem where the urban and the wild depend on each other.
2014/08/29 - Discussions at the World Health Organization Conference on Health and Climate include ways to promote links between health policy and climate policy, enhance climate resilient health systems, and support health-promoting climate change policies...
2014/08/28 - The circling scavengers are the poachers’ worst enemy.
2014/08/28 - The federal government is protecting 20 types of colorful coral by putting them on the list of threatened species, partly because of climate change.
2014/08/26 - A growing number of younger Native Americans are helping to restore native animals to the Northern Great Plains, providing new homes for the animals and a connection to the past.
2014/08/26 - More than 1,000 risk and disaster experts, practitioners and government officials from over 100 countries convene in Davos this week to tackle the growing challenge of disaster risk...
2014/08/25 - African economies and rural livelihoods remain heavily dependent on natural resources, particularly renewable resources such as soil and water, and on the associated productive sectors such as agriculture and forestry...
2014/08/24 - Only a very small percentage of insects are pests, and most are quite beneficial.
2014/08/21 - A new reading of the Endangered Species Act is a dangerous retreat.
2014/08/20 - Forests in a Changing Climate: A Sourcebook for Integrating REDD+ into Academic Programmes...
2014/08/19 - Patricia C. Wright, who has long been a leader in the effort to prevent what she calls a “lemur holocaust”, tells of her fascination with the animals and how they can be saved.
2014/08/19 - A garden curator at Duke University happened upon a box huckleberry shrub thought to be 800 years old, and relatively young at that.
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