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Eva Van Rijn and daughter cap two year canyon painting project with art show.

Eva Van Rijn is celebrating with her daughter, the completion of a two year project of painting and drawing their favorite canyons - the Black Canyon of the Gunnison and the Grand Canyon with an exhibition in Woodstock, NY.
Eva and her daughter Maia have been camping together and seperately, sketching and photographing. Now the show is almost upon them. "RED CANYONS/BLUE SPACE" opens October 9th and runs through October 28th. A catalog is available on request from info@fletchergallery,com.

Copyright Bandits

Although copyright laws prohibit the copying of an artists work without that artists permission there are always individuals who seek to gain economic benefit by stealing other's copyrighted material. With technological advances in copying technology and with extremely low labor costs in some less developed parts of the world artists and buyers of art must be particularily vigilant to ensure they are not taken advantage of.

Jason Tako's Painting a Week

American Artist magazine featured Jason Tako's "Painting a Week" webpage in their September, 2004 edition. Three of Jason's plein air watercolors were shown along with the article. Jason is showing a new plein air watercolor every week on his website and allowing people to post their comments (see previous news story.) A "Painting a Week" can be seen at

Linda Rossin Finalist in Artist's Magazine Competition

Linda Rossin

Washed up

The 15x30 oil painting "Washed Up" won 2nd prize in the Artist's Magazine's annual art competition in the "Animals" category and it will be featured in their December issue. This painting also was in the 2003 Arts for the Parks Top 100 National tour.
The painting depicts a beautiful Loggerhead Turtle that had washed up with the tide at Cape Hatteras National Seashore and a nearby Seagull is eyeing it longingly. The Turtle had plastic wrapped around its flippers that inhibited its ability to swim and so it drowned. A stark reminder that garbage can kill.

Denman Featured in American Artist Magazine

Andrew Denman and his artwork are focussed on in an eight page feature article in the October issue of American Artist Magazine, availble on news stands today. The article is titled "Building a Career by Exploring Subjects and Styles", subtitled "For emerging California artist Andrew Denman, painting a range of subjects in acrylic suits both his artistic and professional goals." The text, by New York writer Elizabeth Forst, is complimented by ten full color images of recent artwork by Andrew Denman.

Dag Peterson Launching his new Art Book

The release of his new book

Joy Kelly Earns Awards for Portrait Of A Wolf Painting

Joy Kelly's painting, Portrait Of A Wolf earned awards in the two shows it was entered in this year. The Festival of Arts show in Joseph, Oregon held June 4-6, 2004 awarded Joy's painting with a second place over all other media in the Professional Division.

The painting then traveled to Dubois, Wyoming to be shown in the 55th Annual National Art Exhibit put on by the Wind River Valley Artists' Guild July 17-28, 2004. Portrait Of A Wolf was awarded both the prestigious Wildlife Art Award, and the coveted People's Choice Award.

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