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Welcome to AFC's First Video Blog

On Earth Day, Artists for Conservation (AFC) launches a video blog to share and highlight conservation stories relating to AFC and its artist members around the world. 

Welcome to the launch of Artists for Conservation, Video Blog, a conservation vlog that will share member conservation stories, AFC updates and important community messages from Jeff Whiting and others... Tune in to get the latest happenings.

Mark Hobson
Hobson Champions Protection of Canada’s West Coast Wilderness

AFC Signature Member, Mark Hobson from Tofino, Vancouver Island is the visionary and driving force behind a new project for fifty artists to portray Canada’s fragile raincoast – one they feel is threatened by the Northern Gateway project proposed by Enbridge and their international partners.

Artists for Conservation
Flag Expedition #13. Nigel Shaw Road Trapping for Raptors

March 18, 2012 - "We spend more time road trapping the raptors. We are seeing lots of Amur Falcon and Lesser Kestrels. Steppe buzzards are not responding well to our trapping techniques. We caught and banded two, but lots more around as they are nearly ready to start their northward migration and will probably stop eating.

Flag Expeditions, Limpopo, Nigel Shaw, Raptors
Flag Expedition #13 - Nigel Shaw in the Field

March 15, 2012 - "We had only been away from the airport in Johannasburg for about 30 mins when the landscape opened up. Once vast grasslands, home to thousands of gazelles and acompaning cheetas, this farmland is slowly being reclaimed bu scrub and acaicia. Hundreds of Amur falcons and Lesser kestrels use the poles and lines along the road to hunt the vast amounts of grasshoppers and other insects. Other raptors like the Greater kestrel, an African species also utilizes the area and rodents abound for the taking.

Pollyanna Pickering becomes Patron of Parrotaid


Pollyanna and her daughter Anna-Louise are pleased to have accepted the roles of joint patrons of the organisation Parrotaid.

Parrotaid is a non profit making organisation set up 12 years ago by Candie Bradley to help injured neglected unwanted and abused parrots of all shapes and sizes - no parrot is ever turned away. The group’s main aims are to prevent parrots being taken out of the wild for the pet trade, and to rescue and, when ever possible, rehome neglected, sick and unwanted parrots.

Dodge and Dumas Jointly Recognized in Leading Canadian Arts Magazine

Most people in fine art circles would recognize internationally known Michael Dumas’ name in relationship to his outstanding talent as a painter of the natural world. What they will soon quickly become aware of is his exceptionally sensitive skills as a writer!  

Nigel Shaw departs for South Africa on his AFC Flag Expedition

Vancouver, CANADA - Artists for Conservation (AFC) announces that Canadian wildlife artist Nigel Shaw departed today for South Africa, Limpopo province, to spend approximately two weeks in the field banding, studying, sketching and photographing the unique and wide range of raptors that migrate through the region. "This is a unique area that provides for a large resident population and a large influx of wintering birds," says Shaw, "some of which are on the threatened list, or close to it.".

Artists for Conservation
A New Snake in Berlin

New species are not just discovered in the wild; sometimes it happens that a rare find is made in a depot of a long lost and forgotten specimen. This happened with a very rare member of the enigmatic family of "splitjaw snakes", Latin name: Bolyeriidae.

This blog leads - again - to Mauritius. The reason for my repeated mind travel to this country lies in the fact that so many unusual species have evolved there. No matter where you look, the species of the Mascarenes all have their own peculiarities.

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