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Leo Osborne's Lost and Found Sculpture

 Living in Maine in the mid 80's, Leo Osborne was inspired to carve two merganser ducks after seeing them playing in the springtime ritual of a mating dance on water.
As Leo recounts the story :

"A 4 foot long piece of redwood lace burl had been sent to mefrom California it came to be THE MERGANSERS.

Terry Mathews New Book

Those interested in Africa and the life of a wildlife sculptorwill enjoy the just released book by Terry Mathews -"The Woodpecker calls on the right." If you wonder about the title you need to read the title page that explains the belief in some quarters that if you head out on a hunt and hear the woodpecker on your right it is going to be a successful hunt whereas if the call is on the left you had best stay home.

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