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Nigel Shaw departs for South Africa on his AFC Flag Expedition

Vancouver, CANADA - Artists for Conservation (AFC) announces that Canadian wildlife artist Nigel Shaw departed today for South Africa, Limpopo province, to spend approximately two weeks in the field banding, studying, sketching and photographing the unique and wide range of raptors that migrate through the region. "This is a unique area that provides for a large resident population and a large influx of wintering birds," says Shaw, "some of which are on the threatened list, or close to it.".

Canadian Artist to Study and Band African Birds of Prey

Nigel Shaw wins Fellowship from Artists for Conservation to support wildlife conservation and environmental education with his art.
Nigel Shaw wins Fellowship from Artists for Conservation to support wildlife con

Vancouver, B.C., CANADA -- (September 23, 2011)- Artists for Conservation (AFC) announced today its 13th fellowship, a grant in the amount of $5,000 US, awarded to Canadian wildlife artist Nigel Shaw of Innisfil, Ontario. The fellowship is part of the AFC Flag Expeditions Program, which supports up to two artists per year in their filed work, studying and rendering endangered species or habitats that deserve greater public attention, particularly in remote parts of the world.

Ontario to Limpopo........One Artists Quest

This expedition will be the field work for a show that will include field scketches, photos and banding data with the finished paintings.
The show will have a high education, information componant other than just the finished paintings. The viewer will see the work and research going on , plus how the painting came about from the sketches and photo reference that will also be displayed.

Shaw Art to Support 2008 Baillie Birdathon

Shaw's image, Killdeer study was chosen for the 2008 Baillie Birdathon. The image appears in the particpant's kit and on the shirts that are available. The Baillie Birdathon is the oldest sponsored bird count in North America. Its goal to raise money and awareness for bird research and conservation. Participants compete over a chosen 24 hr period in the month of May to count as many species as possible. Money is raised and the winners can win trips and merchandise.
For more info contact Bird Studies Canada or register online at

Launch of 2007 Habitat Canada Print and Stamp

Proceeds for Habitat Protection

April 1 2007, launched the 28th stamp and print in Montreal Canada. Proceeds from sales goes to habitat protection and research. 'Morning Post' a painting by Nigel Shaw was selected as the image, and stamps and prints will be available for purchase in the 2007 calendar year. For more information

Nigel Shaw Painting Winner for Print and Habitat Canada Stamp

Morning Post has been chosen as the winner of the 2007 Habitat Canada Competition. The image will be used to raise funds for conservation of habitat in Canada. The image will be produced as a print and stamp.

Shaw Combines Raptor Conservation Work With Art

Nigel Shaw collects valuable reference material while working under his Canadian Wildlife Service permit to band and collect data on wintering raptors at selected sites in Central Ontario.

Nigel has held a banding permit with the CWS for 24 years, and has worked on numerous projects and handled thousands of birds. The last 15 years or so, has been focused on birds of prey. His passion for this group of birds has led to extensive knowledge and insight into the raptors.

Nigel Shaw Awarded in China

Every day hundreds of birds are sold in markets for the dinner table, some are endangered or threatened species. Bird 2005 International Art Awards was created to appeal to the people and raise awareness of this situation. 635 artists, representing 37 countries , contributed 1576 pieces of art for the cause.The show will be exhibited In Galleries and other venues across China.
Awards were presented for the top pieces. Nigel Shaw's "Freedom's Song", depicting a male Siberian Rubythroat, placed second.

Red October Takes a First in Texas

Red October, by Nigel Shaw took first place in "paintings under glass" catagory at the Artisans in Nature Jubilee. THe show was held at the Matagorda County Birding Nature Center , Bat City Texas.

"Gone to Texas" an Arts & Cutural Center, hosted the first Artisans in Nature Jubilee this Spring . The selected images will be printed as posters and sold to raise money for the nature center and the Cultural Center.
Five first placed images will be posters, and the Best in Show, reproduced as a giclee canvas with a small edition of 30.

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