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Alison Nicholls

Nicholls to Give Explorers Club Seminar

Alison Nicholls has been invited to give a Members Seminar, titled "Expedition Journals and Sketchbooks", at the Explorers Club in New York City. The seminar will examine how a journal is invaluable in recording the details and findings of an expedition.

Flag Expedition Video on Animal Planet

During her Flag Expedition "Painting the Painted Dogs" Alison took video of an elephant calf being rescued from a drinking trough. The calf had somehow fallen into the narrow trough and was stuck upside down with its feet waving in the air. Alison had been at the waterhole earlier in the day with Jealous, the Painted Dog Conservation tracker so they knew the calf could not have been stuck there for long. The question in their minds was 'where is mother?'. There were no elephants nearby so Jealous called Peter Blinston, the PDC project manager.

Nicholls Begins Tour and Talk on Painted Dog Expedition

In March 2008 Audubon Greenwich will host the first "Painting the Painted Dogs" exhibition & talk resulting from Alison Nicholls' Flag Expedition to Zimbabwe. The exhibition aims to raise awareness of the dogs' plight and funds for their conservation. It will include new original watercolor paintings, reproductions of journal pages, photographs and sketches from Alison Nicholls' 6 week stay at the Painted Dog Conservation project in north-western Zimbabwe.

AFC Announces Fifth Flag Expedition To Study Endangered Painted Dogs

Alison Nicholls Wins Six-week Conservation Fellowship to Zimbabwe to Paint the African Wild Dog

The Worldwide Nature Artists Group (WNAG) is pleased to announce its fifth fellowship involving a grant of $5,000 US, under the WNAG Flag Expeditions Program, awarded to watercolor wildlife artist Alison Nicholls, of New York.

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