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Hail to The Good Guy

Artists for Conservation

The Land Cruiser is rocking with laughter. Five ripe guys are crammed in the seats. A massive pile of luggage and groceries pressing from the trunk. The air is hot and uncomfortable, as the African sun beats down on us. But we don't give a damn. We are in Africa and we are surrounded by Zebras.

A Surprise Around Every Corner

Artists for Conservation

I am running three days behind on these blogs. I will continue to try to catch up. Having trouble getting Internet connection. It will take me two days to get home.. so I should be all caught up by the time you all see me.


Conquering Heroes

Artists for Conservation

This is not my story. I sat on the sidelines and watched. This is the story of two very brave men who risked everything to prove that art could affect conservation. I am proud to count Jeffrey Whiting and Stephen Quinn of Artists for Conservation as my friends and colleagues.

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