Flag Expedition #13. Nigel Shaw Road Trapping for Raptors

Nigel Shaw - Nigel Shaw
March 18, 2012 share
Artists for Conservation

March 18, 2012 - "We spend more time road trapping the raptors. We are seeing lots of Amur Falcon and Lesser Kestrels. Steppe buzzards are not responding well to our trapping techniques. We caught and banded two, but lots more around as they are nearly ready to start their northward migration and will probably stop eating.

The area sustains an unbelievable amount of birds! Raptors and passerines alike in with the Purple and Lilac-brasted rollers.  We are seeing numbers of their northern cousin, the European roller. Joining them are countless numbers of European bee-eaters, and Barn swallows! The area must have such a high density of insects and rodents! Still noticing a huge human involvement in the structure of the landscape.

We move further north today." 

March 22, 2011 - We have moved to a few different sites...as we search for and band raptor species. At on site on a rift, the Steppe buzzards and a few other species were starting their northward migration . This site was also located in some remnant forest. Most of the original forest has been cleared for either farming or pine plantations......we encountered african species here, and an endemic primate.the Mango monkey...


The banding and species totals keep building... - Nigel

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