The AFC Butterfly Logo

Papillio Ulysses - Species of butterfly depicted in AFC logo.

AFC Butterfly LogoThe butterfly in the AFC logo is a species named “Blue Mountain” butterfly or Papilio Ulysses. It comes from northeastern Australia (eastern Queensland), New Guinea, the Moluccas, Bismarck Archipelago and northwestern Solomons, and inhabits tropical rainforest areas and suburban gardens.

A butterfly was chosen to represent the AFC as a metaphor for the beauty and fragility of species. The square box framing the butterfly represents the four corners of the Earth. The mounted butterfly within the box is also a metaphor for the representation of nature by humans, for better appreciation and understanding... as in art. The orange/yellow background was a purely aesthetic choice as a complementary color to blue/violet in the butterfly's wings. The logo was designed by AFC Founder, Jeff Whiting.

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